Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Grown exclusively on a single estate under the snow-capped peaks of Mount Hermon, native Souri and Baladi olives are organically farmed, hand-picked and cold-extracted to produce a low acidity (<0.37%), low peroxide (<3.98) superior extra virgin olive oil, rich in anti-oxidants and healthy polyphenols.

Haramoun balances aromatic fruitiness, almond skin bitterness and warm pepper, and is perfectly paired with a fresh Mediterranean salad or grilled white fish.

Connecting Past to Present

Called Mount Hermon by the ancient Canaanites after their word for “forbidden” or “sacred”, the Mountain was revered well into the Roman era as the abode of the god Baal-Hadad, as attested to this day by the 30 temples and shrines that lay scattered along its slopes. To this day its local name, “Jabal el Sheikh”, or Mountain of the Sheikh, teases a hint of its enigmatic past.

At its foothills, fed by Mount Haramoun’s meltwaters, lie the pristine olive groves of the village of Rachaya el Foukhar. Amongst the 6 recognised olive growing regions in Lebanon, Rachaya El Foukhar’s altitude, climate, and natural environment combine to produce one of Lebanon’s finest Extra Virgin Olive Oils.

Organic Farming

Haramoun Extra Virgin Olive Oil is certified organic by the UK Soil Association. Our groves are farmed without the use of industrially prepared pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and fertilisers. Our olives are then hand picked and the oil cold extracted and bottled entirely in the village of Rashaya el Foukhar in South Lebanon - promoting small producers and sustainable organic farming.


'Attractively sweet and fruity aroma of soft apples and pears with a touch of spicy rocket and Lemon citrus'

About Us

Haramoun is produced exclusively from a single estate in Rashaya el Foukhar village in South Lebanon. The Maalouf family, under the expert custody of Ghayth Maalouf, have owned and cultivated this land for generations, and bring a time honoured mastery and naturally organic extra virgin olive oil.

Kassis Co. was established with the sole aim of producing and importing fairly traded, organic and craft Lebanese goods - and in particular supporting farming practices that revive traditions of balance and harmony with the pristine environment of rural Lebanon.